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Specializing in immigration to the United States and Canada, were you seeking a lawyer who is knowledgeable about citizenship concerns in both America and Canada? With centuries of legal practice, Pilkington Immigration can provide you with regional representation while assisting you in comprehending the crucial particulars of the case. They are aware that the immigration services in Ottawa, ON process, may be overwhelming for you, and they will make every effort to lessen a few of your responsibilities. That will be working with a law company that wants to uphold your rights when you make an appointment with us. We give each issue they take on careful consideration.

Attorneys that specialize in US immigration and naturalization

Throughout its cross-border immigration practice, Pilkington Immigration expertly manages American immigration issues. These encompass matters relating to US immigration and naturalization on behalf of organizations and people wishing to acquire nationality in the US.

For a free consultation, to discuss any case, and for any issues anyone may also have, get in touch with Ottawa immigration and naturalization experts at Pilkington Immigrants and refugees or fill out the form on this page. They hope to assist you, and we’ll give you the individualized service and care you deserve.

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US Citizenship & Immigration Services

At Pilkington Laws, work helps businesses and people to find accommodation and long-term alternatives for people to achieve standing in the US as visitors, workers, sportsmen, or close relatives. It is crucial to follow a series of steps to prevent unneeded disruptions or issues that may occur as a result of a change in the circumstances either before or after an entry. They provide a variety of items to people, businesses, and team owners.

Permanent residency issues, Temporary or permanent visa holders for businesspeople as well as tourists (B visa holders), shareholders (E visa holders), people of amazing talent (EB-1 visa holders), schoolchildren (F visa holders), experts (H visa holders), members of the press (I visa requirements), transfer visitors (J visa holders), financial professionals (K visa holders), spouses (IR1 or CR1 visa holders), people of amazing talent (O visa holders), intercultural employees (Q visa holders), religious professionals (R visas), and free markets. And they are capable of finding a solution for any issue.

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