Dawood Foundation for the Betterment of Lives

The Dawood Foundation is the perfect helpmate for individuals and communities skin to make headway. This organization is set up to help the less privileged in the society, thereby giving them something to share about. The organization has been able to contribute positively to the lives of people across the globe, especially in Pakistan.  There are plans under way to also spread its tentacles to several other countries so that many more people can benefit from what the organization has to offer.  Over the years, the Dawood Foundation has contributed immensely to alleviating poverty, improving the quality of lives and helping people to stay healthy. The organization has also built schools in different parts of Pakistan, as well as, assisted hospitals so that they can provide better healthcare services to the people of their communities.  The activities of the organization are spearheaded by Bashir Dawood and his wife mariyamdawood.

This organization has done quote a lot for the human race. Some of the things that Pakistan has benefited from this organization will be discussed in the remaining part of this write-up.

Contribution to education

Contribution to education

One of the institutions that have benefited immensely from the charitable deeds of this organization is the Aga Khan University. Both the university and its hospital have received huge donations and contributions from the Dawood Foundation and the organization is still bent on doing more. The focus is to make sure that the university and its hospital have what it takes to educate and also care for the health needs of the university community.  With the immense contribution already made by mariyamdawood to the cause of The Dawood Foundation, it is obvious that the sky is never the limit for this organization, but the stepping stone to higher grounds. Over the years, this organization has contributed a great deal to various medical researchers in Pakistan and its contribution is among the best that the country has seen in recent times. There are strong indications that the organization still has better plans for this university and the country.

A generous organization

The Dawood Foundation has been very generous to its recipients in Pakistan and elsewhere and the contribution is already having a very good impact on the services offered by the Aga Khan University and its hospital. The organization is bent on bringing about the betterment of the society and everyone is welcome to benefit from the great humanitarian services rendered by the Dawood Foundation to the world around it. While it may be rather impossible to completely eradicate poverty, the Dawood Foundation is bent on driving it to the ground as much as possible. Even if it is next to impossible to raise everybody from poverty, the organization is bent on raising as many people as possible from poverty in Pakistan and beyond.

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