Night Vision is important to help you feel safe at night as well as daytime. It is a great way to up your defence system especially during the vulnerable hours of the dark which obstructs your night time vision. There are a lot of devices that can help you enhance night vision. Deciding on which one to get depends on the kind of need that you have. Once you have decided to upgrade your weapon either with the best pistol night sights to enhance night vision, or with the help of some other handy device, its time to practice on how to use it efficiently.

Some common devices used for night vision are,

  • Night vision monocular devices
  • Dedicated night sights
  • Night goggles
  1. Night Vision Monocular Devices

 There are two ways in which this can be used either with a mounted laser light combo or with an IR laser. While others have a light mounted on their pistols in the for of tritium night sights. In these you need to use one eye to look at the target and aim with both eyes to shoot. Hence you need to practice it with depth perception at day as well as nighttime.

  1. Dedicated night sights

 Dedicated nights sights are made available for every type of pistol or rifle. These type of sights are very useful since they can also be used at day time as well. A night vision scope is the best to go for especially if you have a specific rifle that is dedicated solely to night shooting.

  1. Night goggles

 Night vision goggles can also be used in combination with your pistols. These are not considered monocular devices as they are in the form of binoculars. The only problem with it is that it cannot be mounted on your weapons, they have to be worn separately. But they can be of great use especially if these are correctly collimated, then its possible to set the dominant eye on the iron frames of the sights and other eye on the target and then shoot.

  1. Night vision clip on sights

 With clip on sights you need atleast 2x magnification, otherwise its difficult to see the target as the image will be too small. A clip on can be mounted on the day scope in two ways, either by mounting it on a rail or by clamping it on the day scope itself.

This type of sight can also be used at daytime as well as nighttime because of the fact that it does not have any parallax and you can easily transition without re-zeroing.

These are all the devices that you can make use of to enable night vision to enhance shooting at low light situations at nighttime.

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