Tips to create a custom trophy

Are you looking to create a bespoke trophy? Whether you are celebrating the success of your team, a sportsperson, a leader, a bespoke trophy can make the event more special. Traditional trophies are plenty. But, if you want to create a unique piece that stands out, there are certain tips to be followed. Let us look into the several elements that can be considered for designing a custom trophy.

  • The material used to design the trophy is of great importance. It adds more attraction to your trophy. Whatever the purpose of your trophy, the material in which it is made, makes it unique. Recent hits have been trophies made of crystal glass. Holding them in a well-lit evening awards event, you can see how beautifully it reflects the light around. Etching the name of the recipient is a delicate task and this carries a special value to the trophy. This type of a trophy is given out on very special occasions. Your Custom Trophy Maker can help create the required magic.

Custom Awards

  • The shape of the trophy can also be custom made. When you can create a trophy that can be a representation of the event or the award, you shouldn’t stop with the conventional ones. Sky is the limit when you can think of unique designs for your trophies. Sports trophies have a lot of scope. They can be designed according to the sport and thus stand unique. Also, if an award is given to a musician, it can be made in the shape of any instrument or musical notes, etc.
  • Personalising the trophy can be made through engraving the name, message etc. For example, the number of years of association of the client with the business can be engraved on the trophy. This is an indication of recognising loyalty. The name of the employee, or sportsperson can also be engraved. A personal message or a thank you note is a great way to design your trophies.

Along with the other components, you could also think of a custom box for the trophy. This can be of great use to the recipient along with the beauty it carries.

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