Does Delta 8 Tincture Get You High?

Recent measures have severely restricted the access to THC which is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. This has caused a rise in alternative means of ingestion such as dabs and e-cigarettes, with what concerns dabs, there are some doubts about the efficiency of these products on getting high.

does delta 8 tincture get you high? It gives you a relief from pain without any feeling of being high that is why it’s very favored by many people for recreational use.

But, is delta 8 tincture strong like hash oil? We will be discussing that in this article.

What is delta 8 tincture?

Delta-8-THC is referred to as dronabinol and it’s the second main cannabinoid found in cannabis. It’s a light and clear, almost colorless and liquid oil that tastes like a mixture of turpentine and butter.

Delta 8 tincture is actually a cannabis extract that’s very easy to use; it’s basically the oil extracted from the cannabis plant, further processed and then colored with food coloring. It usually contains 5% or more of delta-8-THC.

How does delta 8 tincture get you high?

Delta 8 tincture, like hash oil, has a low THC content but again it is less than 1%. Although this doesn’t mean that it’s not good for getting high.

Since it is a liquid, it’s easily absorbed into the bloodstream via the lung tissue. When smoked, it evaporates and gets absorbed into the blood, thus giving you that nice stoned feeling.

Delta 8 tincture is even more potent than hash oil because it has more concentrated levels of THC. This makes it easier to get high with a small quantity of delta 8 tincture.

Dose recommendation

The recommended dose is usually 3-5 drops. In order to ensure the effectiveness of delta-8-THC, the dose should be increased if you’re smoking it. Using a vaporizer is also a good idea to get the full effect. On average, it takes about 15 minutes after taking delta-8-THC for the same effects on your body to happen.

Since delta 8 tincture is a derivative of THC, you need to be careful about the amount you use.

Don’t overdo it: because delta 8 tincture is more potent than hash oil and can be easily absorbed into your body, it’s recommended to take small doses multiple times a day in order to enjoy its effects. This goes for both inhaling and ingesting it.

Side effects

There are no known side effects of delta 8 tincture, though some cannabis users have reported an unpleasant taste or bitter aftertaste at the back of the throat. A few have even commented on an odd high-fiber-like aftertaste when they eat with delta 8 tincture. There is no way to tell what kind of weed was used to make your oil, so if you are going to use it, make sure you do so in advance.

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