Social Media Marketing: what it is today, how to do it and the advantages for your company

The habit of consulting and posting on social networks is now part of our everyday life as users, almost transversal by generation, and that’s why Social Media Marketing (and therefore the Social Media Manager ) gains an increasingly strategic role in the company. According to data from the latest update of We Are Social’s “Digital 2022” report , social media users globally reached 4.74 billion (+4.2%) in October of this year, out of a total population of 7.99 billion people buy instagram views.

Fundamental data, the fact that 5.48 billion people use mobile devices. In Italy there are over 51 million people who access the Internet every day, of which 43 million are social media users.

The penetration of social networks stands at 71.6% of the population, for a total of approximately 43.2 million souls who broadcast, caption, recommend and prefer. 97.3% access from Mobile. Web users spend an average of an hour and 47 minutes a day on social networks and this figure gives a good idea of ​​the importance these platforms have for modern marketers how to buy followers on Instagram.

Implementing a Social Web Marketing strategy is therefore now an imperative for brands that want to expand the market by increasing their customer base or looking for new business opportunities. Large companies have understood this for some time, while Social Media Marketing for SMEs is a path still to be explored in many cases, but very promising.

It is necessary to start from a definition of Social Marketing: it is a form of digital transaction that utilizes social webs and networking outlets to facilitate a firm’s commodities and assistance. The idea is to be found where the customer is most accustomed to spending his time, generating visibility on online communities and social networks through integrated and organic communication and marketing management, on all platforms.

The objective of Social Network Marketing is to create interactions with consumers and prospects by working on the commonality of values ​​and interests, to create affinity with the recipient of the message and to endear him to the brand. Communications and marketing actions – it is also possible to sell through social platforms, Social Commerce is increasingly used today – have the characteristic of being bidirectional and 1:1, therefore very engaging and engaging.

Through social networks it is possible to establish direct conversations with customers and prospects and to have real-time feedback on products or Digital Advertising campaigns .

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