Where to buy Used Car and Buying instructions

Buying a old car from other person is total different thing from that of buying new car from the showroom, the old cars already used by others before should be keenly observed and studied about their features and need to look for the condition of tyres, engines of the car, air conditioner in car, and get the detailed information of what all complaints were there and which have been resolved so that you can analyse the condition of the machine, total car check should be done and even try to know the details regarding small collision and even the bigger ones so that we can know if any part is largely damaged, and check for the driving experience in that car by going to test drive because while driving you may know how the car is running, and check for mileage of the car and check whether the odometer is working properly or not.

Buying car from dealer

Buying a car from the dealer face to face is beneficial in some ways, when you buy from dealer in single visit he make sure that he shows all the cars available with him and if you don’t like one you can see another car as many cars are there in his hand and once dealer takes up the case he does all the process till end and he will only make sure that your documentation is completed without anything left behind but only disadvantage buying from dealer is, as his job is to both sell and buy he will talk in both sides keeping aside few things and he make sure that car should be sold for more money as he gets commission.

Buying car from owner

Buying a car from direct selling person is advisable as he gives you all proper details and bills of the car and any other kind of repairing bills , tax bills, and insurance papers and all such papers with him and when you contact direct seller you have less chances of getting into risks as nowadays odometer is changed and its efficiency is artificially increased so buying from the owner is advisable and if you meet owner you can get all information that how much distances he travelled in the same car and we can get to check his RC book directly and even transfer paper work can be easier as he is in touch with you and if needed any signature he signs there itself and no need to worry whether owner will be available or not.

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