Easy Ways to Move Heavy and Large Furniture by Yourself

Moving heavy furniture is not an easy job, whether you’re relocating into a new house or apartment, or just rearranging it. Moving furniture requires extra effort and energy in order to lift them safely.

To help you with the moving furniture process, below are some simple strategies you can use to move heavy and difficult pieces of furniture without hurting your back, your doors, your house, and the furniture itself. Actually, it’s really easy to move heavy furniture by yourself, just use your head, and not your back!

Follow these strategies below:

Easy Way #1: Tall Items? Carry it High and Low

A tall filing cabinet, your daughter’s tall dresser or your library’s shelving unit is really difficult to handle by yourself. It requires a two-person to lift these kinds of furniture, just simply tip the furniture in a backward position to a right angle and have one person to hold the top while the other person holds the bottom. It balances the weight and keeps the furniture from swaying uncontrollably. Moving the furniture up or down the stairway becomes easier since the balance will match it to the slope of the stairs.

Since it requires two-person to this lifting, ask for extra hands, call your family or your friends. If they are not available, call for professional help. Lots of removalist Ipswich are offering moving services for your convenience.

Easy Way #2: Use the “Shoulder Dolly” Method

Shoulder Dolly is a moving and lifting straps which help to take the weight off your back by giving an ample amount of leverage to your large muscle groups. It’ll also give you the convenience to move your hand freely to create movements to difficult items. But shoulder dolly is not appropriate to use in the stairs because the weights are different due to a downward position.

RemovalistEasy Way #3: Use Plastics and Blankets to Protect Furniture

Using a moving blanket is important during the moving furniture process. It creates an ample amount of protection for your house, doors, and the furniture as well. Moving blankets can be rented and sometimes they are cheap, but you can also buy these in any home centers and won’t cost you too much.

Besides, moving blankets can also be used in other things too, it prevents damages to the finish and fragile edges of other furniture pieces such as dresser cabinet, bookshelves, and tables. Simple wrap up the furniture thoroughly with moving blankets and make sure to secure the blanket with a plastic stretch film.

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