Importance of storytelling

 It turns out that listening to fairy tales or being a storyteller and creative storytelling singapore has many benefits for children.

 Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Developing Knowledge

Fairy tales can increase knowledge and insight.  Through fairy tales that are heard or read will make children’s knowledge more broadened.  Children get a lot of information. As listeners or storytellers, children can learn to understand the content of a story and draw messages from the fairy tale.  Through fairy tales, children can become more critical and want to know more.  We also learn to choose good or bad actions.

  1. Social and Emotional Development

 When you become a storyteller, your child will learn to dare to appear in front of many people.  Meanwhile, as listeners, children can also be inspired by the great characters in the fairy tales. Not only that, but listening to fairy tales also invites children to enter the story and also feel the emotions of the characters.  In addition, through fairy tales, children can also learn to recognize various values ​​of kindness and courtesy that apply in society.

  1. Strengthens the Bond between Children and Parents

Reading fairy tales to children has a positive impact on building parent-child relationships.  When reading fairy tales, children will be closer to the family. Not only with parents, but fairy tales can also bring children closer to teachers or even other friends.

  1. Develop Imagination

 When going to tell a story, storytellers also have to imagine so that the story is more alive.  Likewise, those who listen will usually be carried away in the imagination of the fairy tale that is conveyed. Indirectly learning storytelling or listening to fairy tales will encourage children to develop their imagination and creative thinking.

  1. Improve Language Skills

 Listening to fairy tales can improve literacy skills.  Children will get to know a lot of vocabulary and can better understand the reading. This also applies to storytellers, usually children will look for vocabulary or sentences that are easy to understand.

  1. Generating Interest in Reading

 By listening to fairy tales, usually, children will be interested inew things that can be found in other reading books.

 Likewise, if you become a storyteller, children are indirectly required to be diligent in reading to get material for telling stories.  Without a lot of reading, children will find it difficult to tell something.

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