What makes a good craftsman for electrical installation

Whether an electrician has done a good job is shown by whether all the cables and connected devices work and permanently.  But how do you know when you are looking for a craftsman whether someone is a good electrician.

Expertise and quality of work

A first indication of qualification is a master’s certificate.  Not every electrician in Riverside in a company needs to have one.  In guild companies, however, there is at least one master electrician.  If the craftsman does not show you his qualification without being asked or has made it public, feel free to ask him about it.

When a company is unable to get a job done quickly, it doesn’t have to be a bad sign.  Because then the services may be so good that he is busy due to high demand.

Reliability and availability

A good electrician is easy for you to reach and sticks to his promises or schedules.  In addition, it is of course an advantage if he offers you his services in a timely manner.  If you have any questions or problems, he is there for you and supports or helps.

Fair price

Another thing that speaks for a good electrician is that he offers you a fair, standard market price.  However, you should be careful with offers that are very cheap compared to the competition – because if a price sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Own evaluation system helps with the award of contracts

If you have made a pre-selection, it is best to make a table with the company names as rows and the individual criteria as columns.  You then enter your rating in the boxes, real professionals even use their own point system with weighting of the individual criteria.  A note in advance: Of course, the price plays a major role, but it should not be the only criterion.

The first impression is the most important.  Make sure that the craftsman gives you a positive feeling – already on the phone.  Because that is part of being a professional service provider.  It is important that he responds to your questions and can answer them.

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