Plan the best confinement meal package and book it today

It is bliss to serve the mothers who need utmost care and nutrition right after child birth. To love cooking is one thing but to cook with love is the most beautiful way to showcase your talent. To carefully plan the confinement meal package and design it to meet the needs of the lactating mothers is certainly the best way to take care of anyone.

The food is prepared everyday with the fresh ingredients. Each meal i.e. lunch and dinner is prepared with great care. It includes carbohydrates, essential or good fats, proteins, fibre and milk in the form of desserts. The confinement meal package includes all the nutrients that is essential for recovery and strength of the body. Sometimes both the meals are delivered together so that the dinner meal can be reheated and eaten. While some caterers deliver individually at two different times of the day.

These meal packages are delivered only at residential areas and not to hospitals or nursing homes. These meal packages are packed in thermal bags to retain the heat and freshness of the food. Any shortage or non availability of any ingredient like fish or chicken etc is unavailable. The agents of the catering company call the client and inform them. This ensures the trust and also changes can be made on time to avoid any last minute hassle and inconvenience.

postnatal confinement food

It is a great blessing to postnatal mothers to get the food from a caring caterer that meets their needs and the needs of their body. Post natal mothers are very weak to do any day to day activity. Let alone cooking for them. After childbirth the body of a woman undergoes major changes. It can be hormones, weakness in the body, stress. Postnatal meal packages provide complete nutrition in the span of 30-45 days. This helps the body to recover, feed and take care of the baby, milk production and also collagen production.

A woman undergoes so much yet she never complains and is ready for her new phase. Motherhood brings in a whole set of new changes and responsibilities. The care doesn’t extend to her but her new born baby too. She feeds him, takes care and bonds with the child during the confinement period. It is amazing to see such a wonderful bond.

Some caterers are booked all round the year because of the trust and their popularity. It is advisable to the clients to book their package at least 2-3 months before. Usually the payment has to be done online via pay now or credit card. Cash is not acceptable. During the pandemic it is advisable to have least contact with anyone to avoid any infection. To summarise, plan and order your meal packages so that your body can accept the changes and recover at a faster rate.