Relation between zodiac signs and health

 You might not believe that many health experts use astrology as a tool to help determine the possibility of developing several serious diseases.  There is medical astrology, the treatment of diseases based on astrological diagnoses and psychic reading singapore.

 One result of the study showed that people born in the winter tend to have a higher risk of schizophrenia than those born in the summer.  The relationship between seasons and their effects on health continues, it’s becoming increasingly clear that medical astrology can lead to a greater understanding of overall health and disease risk.


 Capricorn affects the bones of the body, especially the knees.  Capricorns are ambitious and this characteristic can govern to obstinate which also leads to brittle bones and weak joints.


 Aquarius affects the arms and legs as well as a person’s ability to move.  Uranus is responsible for movement and functioning and nerve tendencies.  If Aquarius don’t take time to relax, astrologers believe their brisk pace can lead to arthritic problems, cardiac difficulties, swelling of extremities like hands an legs, asthmatic problems, and heightened allergic responses.


 Pisces affects the nervous system as well as its reflexes.  Pisces are so idealistic that they are prone to disappointment.  If the disappointment is deep, it can lead to foot problems and a undermined immunity levels  that makes them susceptible to several ailments.


 Aries affects the head and brain, as well as the diseases that attack them.  They incline to exaggerate aspects to the degree of getting headaches, getting dental problems, and getting blemishes on their faces.


 Venus affects Taurus and affects the mandibular bone, and insulin generation.  The strong Taurus has good hearing and great teeth but is prone to colds and flu.  Meanwhile, weak Taurus are often prone to strep throat, thyroid disorders, stiffness of neck area, problems with tonsils, and eardrum diseases when they’re feeling very worried or being stubborn.


 This twin sign is influenced by Mercury, which undertakes many numerous different portions of the body and few other respiration systems.  Therefore, the strong Gemini, as well as the weak one, tends to be prone to colds.  Weak Geminis are also sensitive to colds and coughs and tendonitis.

Like this, each zodiac sign is reacted to medical health in many ways. Of course, medical astrology is just a theory and many people simply don’t conform to their astrological sign.  It doesn’t matter what month you were born in, only healthy food, regular activities and happy life will keep you in the best possible health.

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