Some SEO Practices You Might be Ignoring

If you have an online business, you have to learn and apply thebestSEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices. This is so you can cope up with the fierce market competition. SEO refers to a set of strategies aiming to make your site on top of everyone. It’s not only the best way to increase your organic traffic, but it can alsohelp you expand brand awareness.

Simply put, SEO will increase your traffic from search engines by improving your site’s online visibility. Remember that search engine users do not try scouring pages of search results. They will just check the first five, if not the first page, of the search results page. You probably know about the importance of choosing a keyword and creating content through wicked article creator. Choosing the right keyword can make or break your site. With this, it’s crucial that you identify the right one through intensive target audience research.

Here are some SEO practices you probably didn’t know about:

Boosting page titles: There are some who forego writing a good page title because they think that it’s not important. Page titles have two parts – The HTML title tag (the first thing you see in search results) and the main heading (the title you see on the actual webpage). The most important is the HTML title tag.

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Practices for boosting page titles: Create page titles that induce people to click. Incorporate your keywords into the title tag and the main heading. Title and main headings do not need to be identical as long as they share the same message. Make your title attractive because it can directly affect the click-through rate.

Enhancing images and multimedia: Images and multimedia play a role in terms of consumer searching for products. Consumers these days do not only look at the “web” results but also at the “images” results. If you have quality images and multimedia, it will rank well in search engines.

Practices for enhancing images: The first thing to do is to create descriptive file name incorporating your main keyword then reduce the file size to improve the load time and finally, include alt text that will give a brief description containing the main keyword.

Practices for enhancing videos: To support search engines to crawl, you need to save the videos as MSG, MPEG, MOV or M4V. Aside from that, you need to embed videos from hosting sites so they can be both found in video and web searches.

Improving loading time and responsiveness: You have to know that search engines use site loading time and responsiveness as factors to determine your site’s search ranking. Knowing this, you need to make sure that the site loads quickly and it’s optimized for mobile visits. You will have worse ranking if it takes longer to crawl your website.

Practices for improving loading time and responsiveness: You can consider compressing files not just your images and videos. You should also consider cutting down on redirects. More importantly, you should enhance your site’s code like removing commas, unused code and unnecessary characters.