Designing the corporate editorial calendar: all the advantages of content planning

You have finalized your editorial plan and your first content is ready for publication. It is not long before the beginning of the campaign that you have designed for the promotion of your company. Before starting, however, there is still another step to define, detail and organize: the corporate editorial calendar Lang Calendars.

What is the editorial calendar and what functions does it have?

Lang Calendars

In order to get into the specifics of creating a corporate editorial calendar that positively impacts the success of your marketing strategy, understanding what it is all about. In a strategy that knows how to make the most of the possibilities of content marketing, it is not enough that the contents are developed following the rules of a good copywriting activity that knows how to exploit the rules of SEO optimization  in your favor .

Scheduling content publishing is just as important to improve strategy results – the editorial calendar is the perfect tool to help you with this step.

Drafting a specifically structured document will help you to “measure” the number of contents over medium-long periods, to develop a communication strategy that is similar to the objectives you want to achieve and to optimize the coordination between the activities relating to the different channels on which the contents will be published.

Start designing your corporate editorial calendar

Think long term

It is not enough to publish SEO-optimized and flawlessly written content, but it is also necessary that the publications are constant over time. For this reason, a corporate editorial calendar should ideally be programmed over medium to long-term periods, preferably developing over a minimum period of between 4 and 6 months. Don’t be in a hurry – your strategy takes time to get results.

Establish the right frequency

There is no rule to follow regarding the relationship between time and number of content to be published. The variables that you will have to take into consideration are different and related to the resources and possibilities of your company:

Number of channels on which you want to publish content

Type of content to post

Time available for dedicated human resources

Economic resources available.

Taking into consideration the strategies implemented by the most successful corporate players, the average number of contents to be published is

between 4 and 6 articles per month to be allocated to the company blog

between 2 and 4 articles per month written specifically for publication on corporate blogs hosted by external platforms

1 monthly newsletter

between 2 and 4 posts per week on social networks, possibly diversifying between the various publishing options.

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